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  • Teach the game

  • Build on players skills

  • Inspire players to be honorable young men

  • Inspire leadership through example

  • Prepare players for the “Next” level

  • Promote

    • good sportsmanship

    • Teamwork

    • Leadership

    • The Big Horn Lacrosse Club Mission




   1. Be Respectful

   2. Be on time for practice

   3. ALWAYS give your best effort

   4. Be Humble

   5. Be a leader on and off the field

   6. Be an honorable young man both on and off the field

   7. Be Coachable

   8. Be a good teammate

   9. Always demonstrate Great sportsmanship

   10.  Honor the Game



The beginning of the Big Horn Lacrosse Club is very exciting and we ask that parents provide positive support for the program as we begin this new venture. Following these guidelines when attending events with your player will help even more.

  1. Respect the coaches. Our coaches have a vast knowledge and experience with the game of lacrosse.  Your public respect helps them build a better program for your children.  Your private respect with your children helps them be more successful with the players. 

  2. Keep sideline comments positive.  Negative comments of any kind have a negative impact on the team.  Criticizing referees does not help and often hurts by turning their bias against us-your player, our team, and our program.  If you want officiating to be more favorable to us, cheer the good calls and say nothing about the bad calls.  Furthermore, criticizing the coaching saps energy from our team and presents a negative image about our club to the lacrosse community. If you feel you must say something about the coaching – find the right moment to talk to the coach in private at a mutually agreeable time.  Make sure you do not get marked as one of “those” parents for a few off-handed remarks about a coach or player, or even a referee making a bad call. Be an ambassador for our team and club by displaying model parental behavior.

  3. Do not coach your player from the sideline.  Players need to focus on one side of the field for coaching.  Even good coaching from parents is confusing.  You want the Big Horn coaches to manage and teach as part of the team.  Please do not call any of the players by name unless it is congratulatory after a great play.  Do not ever step onto the field.  Do not ever walk along the sidelines yelling at players; this undermines the effort of the coach and our program.  It is a potential cause for ejection from the game.

  4. Respect the Referees. Let the Big Horn parents be known as the pleasant ones.   The game of lacrosse is a difficult and fast moving game to referee.  Referees never change a call because of a parent comment so there is no reason to question calls. Occasionally a referee will change a call if the coach makes a comment, however, screaming parents make this more difficult for the coach to accomplish.  What we do see is that negative or loud parents make the referees angry and then the refs DO make calls that negatively affect those players.  Keep your comments positive.  If it’s a bad call; he already knows it.  If he doesn’t, he won’t learn it from your sideline yelling.  If he makes a good call, say so.  Or just clap and cheer your player and Team Big Horn on!  Our reputation as a team and group of parents stays with us for a long time; be careful.

  5. Stay away from coaches and players near game time.  Do not approach the Team bench or player sidelines within 10 minutes before a game, anytime during the game, during half time or within 10 minutes after a game, or until the coaches have completed their post-game debriefing if longer than 10 minutes.  Players and coaches alike need to focus before and during a game, as well as unwind from intense game faces before entering the world of civilized people once again.  Please give us that time and space.  If you have issues address in private not in the heat of the moment.

  6. Stay away from coaches and players after game time Post-game debriefing is a private moment between the coaches and players.  Please give them a moment to share our most candid thoughts with the players without you looking over our shoulder. 

  7. Playing Time.  Our goal is for every player to play as much as possible.  Obviously playing time can fluctuate week to week based on the number of players, positions, etc.  We want the players to develop as players and we hope to put them in as many game situations as possible.  Playing time issues should NEVER be addressed in public. Those issues need to  be addressed privately at the appropriate time.  The coaching staff will do everything in their power to ensure equal playing time for all players.

  8. Obey the rules of the venue.  All of these venues have unique and posted rules governing the use of those facilities.  Please make sure to obey those rules, use common sense in governing your own actions and, overall, make sure Big Horn is welcomed back for years to come.  

  9. Perspective - Not all kids are going D1 on a full ride. With that in mind, this effort is largely to produce great players, great scholar-athletes and to help build a successful lacrosse program from youth through varsity.  Stay cool, calm and collected at all times and you will make your player much less distracted and more productive.


*Please be aware that the Big Horn Directors reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to suspend or terminate participation in Big Horn Lacrosse Club activities for violation of these guidelines.

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